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Landing pages play a very vital role in a marketing strategy. You can convert a large number of online users into your customer. Creating a perfect landing page is not just enough to drive traffic. It is essential to make it attractive too.
In this article, you will learn about the best tips to create a landing page to drive more traffic.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page on which a user lands when they click on a link or an ad through various platforms on the internet. It is made to increase the conversion rate to reach the business goals. A landing page can be a homepage or any other page which has a single goal known as Call To Action.

What is the purpose of a Landing Page?

The main purpose or focus of a landing page is to increase the conversion rate by encouraging the consumer to perform an action, particularly for buying any goods and services.

A landing page can be used to provide appealing and relevant information to the user regarding the products or services.

You can easily drive traffic, build your brand, and also improve your SEO through a landing page. A landing page can also be an effective part of a Pay Per Click strategy.

What are the types of Landing Pages?

You can find different types of landing pages. Some of them are described below:

  • Lead generating landing page: A lead-generation landing page is primarily used to collect leads by means of a data capture form. These pages are flexible but are most often used in the middle of the sales funnel, at the point where customers are evaluating your offerings and are on the cusp of moving towards the intent to either make a conversion or walk away. It presents both a request and a reward simultaneously. The reward is the offer that you are promoting in order to generate leads, and the request is the information that you ask for in your form. The request and the reward which you offer should be well balanced. Whatever you are advertising must be significant to the customer offering you their details and adding them to your mailing list.
  • Click-through landing page: A click-through landing page does not require any form like the lead generating landing page. It works as an intermediate between the advert and the page where you want to lead your customers. You convince your users to click and move to the sales or marketing funnel. A click-through landing page is a web page on which the user first lands before accessing any website.
  • Sale page: A sales page is a landing page that is focused only on sales. It is one of the most difficult landing pages to create, as it should be convincing enough for the users so that they can buy the goods or services. This type of landing page requires complete dedication from the creation to the design and a complete understanding of the needs of the users. You have only two options on this landing page which are either you will be able to make a sale or lose your customer. So, it is essential to prepare the most effective landing page to crack a deal. The length of these landing pages depends on the type of products you sell and how much content you require to explain the needs and benefits of those goods and services to your user. In spite of the length, you need to create crisp content to convince the user to make a purchase.
  • Squeeze page: In a squeeze page, just like the lead page, helps you to squeeze or collect the data from the user. The main purpose of the squeeze page is to collect the email address of the user. Once the email id is fetched, the advertiser can now send attractive email content to the user to generate leads and present offers to the users. A successful squeeze page can be built not just to ask for the user’s email address but also to provide a reasonable factor for which the user needs to give way its personal information.
  • Splash page: A splash page does not always require collecting any information from the user or to generate any lead. The main purpose of a splash page is to provide any information that can be to promote any new offer, show a disclaimer, service, or product, announce a promotion by the company to the users, etc. A splash page precedes any page on your website when a user clicks on a link or content. For instance, “continue to read,” which may take the user to the homepage of a site.
  • Unsubscribe landing page: An unsubscribe landing page is one that appears when a user clicks on the unsubscribe link in the email footer. Definitely, you would not be creating an unsubscribe landing page, but you should not ignore it either. Make it a point that your users unsubscribe successfully, and now you can offer them a chance to resubscribe according to their preferences.

Benefits of Effective Landing Pages

Some of the benefits of landing pages are:

  • A landing page can help you to get a better SEO ranking.
  • You can increase the conversion through an attractive landing page.
  • Landing pages assist you in identifying which topics or headlines convert at a higher rate.
  • You can grow your email subscriber list with a landing page.
  • You can use the landing page as a testing tool.
  • Adding images or a company logo to your landing page can have a strong impression on the user’s mind.

How To Create A Landing Page?

To create a landing page, you can follow these steps:

  • Always start by defining your campaign goal: Set a perfect goal for your landing page for which you would be building the landing page.
  • Choose the template: Now, you can select a template that best suits the type of goods, services, or information that you want to give to your users.
  • Prepare the headline: Create an attractive headline to grab your user’s attention. Make sure your headline is catchy for the user. Also, make it a point that your headline matches the message that you want to convey to the users through the landing page.
  • Create a Call To Action: Once you are done with the headline, it is time to convert your audience through the CTA. The main purpose of creating the landing page is CTA. Moreover, the landing page, which contains CTA phrases like “grab your free product,” “See pricing,” or “start your free trial,” grabs more user attention.
  • Use visual content: Now, when you have finished crafting your landing page, it is time to add visual content like images, videos, GIFs, etc., to your landing page for better user interaction. The visual content strengthens and comprehends your messages and helps to influence the users to perform an action. The right visual content helps your user to direct them to the message you want to convey.
  • Include other essential elements: It is difficult for people to trust any business through online marketing. So, you can also include social proof and branding elements to make it easier for the users to find you out through different platforms and build a sense of trust.
  • Set SEO setting: Since you have now prepared your landing page, so it’s time to optimize it. Search Engine Optimization can bring more traffic to a landing page. You can get more traffic to your landing page as the users can more easily find you through the search engine by doing any search. To put SEO settings for your landing page, you need to pay attention to the meta title and meta description.
  • Preview and publish your landing page: Before you post or publish your landing page, make sure you check it once again. Check that there should be no type of grammar or other mistakes on your landing page.

You can also create a landing page with the help of paid landing page creators.

How To Design A Landing Page?

To design a landing page, you can follow these steps:

  • Prepare an outline of your offer and campaign.
  • Show the benefits of the goods and services which you offer to the users.
  • Prepare an attractive Call To Action.
  • Use an attractive layout of your landing pages.
  • Add visual content such as images, videos, and GIFs.
  • Optimize your landing page for mobile and desktop users.

What are the key components of a Landing Page?

Some of the key components of a landing page are:

  • The headline of a landing page represents for which this page is built.
  • To the point information about the products and services.
  • Visual content that can keep your user engaged.
  • Add customer reviews on the landing page.

Best practice for optimizing a Landing Page for Google Ads

Optimizing your Google landing pages can help you get more conversions.
Some of the best practices for optimizing a landing page for Google ads are:

  • Add a hero image to your landing page, or you can also include a video of your product.
  • The headline of your landing page should be strong and bold to have a strong impact on the user.
  • Try to draw the attention of the user to the CTA button on your landing page.
  • Build trust among the audience.

These points are not enough to bring customers to your business. Some users may be motivated even more to be your buyer. You need to convince these users by adding short paragraphs or points related to the benefits of the products that you offer to the users. You can also add testimonials to build trust among them.

Which attributes describe a good Landing Page Experience?

Some of the attributes that describe a good landing page are:

  • Your landing page should be easy to navigate.
  • The content on your landing page should be original and authentic for the users.
  • A good landing page provides necessary and useful information to the users.

What are the Landing Page metrics that matter?

Below are some of the metrics that matter:

  • Avoid ‘mismatch message’: Your landing page should consist of the right message for which you want to generate leads. The Mismatching of the messages on the landing page can hamper the image of your brand among the audience.
  • Placement of Call To Action: The Call To Action button should be placed at the right place of your landing page in order to gain the user’s attention. You can draw attention to your CTA button with the help of an arrow pointing to it or adding a bold color.
  • Content Optimization on your landing page: The content on your landing page should be optimized according to the users to whom you want to show the ad. Optimizing your content on the landing page plays a very vital role or has a great impact on your business.
  • Better Landing Page Design: The design of your landing page has a major effect on the users. So it is essential to use an attractive design and add colors to your landing page. A systematic presentation of the information on the landing page helps the users to understand the motive of your landing page.
  • Consistency in Display Advertising: You can add images to grab the user’s attention.
  • Add a Social Media Proof: You can share your social media handles with the users through the landing page to have a strong impact and create a sense of satisfaction in the minds of the people for the authenticity of your company.
  • Bonus Offers and Tips: One of the most important factors that matter in a landing page is bonus offers and tips. If you do not add bonus offers or tips for your audience, you could lose some of your new customers.


We hope this article provides you with a complete guide on what a landing page is and also how to create the best landing page to get higher conversion rates. After reading this article, you can also find out which landing page is the best for your business growth.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Which Attributes Describe A Good Landing Page Experience?

A good landing page consists of relevant information for the users and allows them to navigate easily. A landing page can be considered to be good if it provides crisp and clear information to the users which are useful for them and can also convert them into potential consumers.

Q2. Which Is A Best Practice For Optimizing A Landing Page For Google Ads?

The best practice to optimize a landing page for Google Ads is to avoid long and boring paragraphs and provide crispy content. You can also add virtual content like images, videos, GIFs, and other graphical content to make it more engaging for the users to go through the landing page.

Q3. What Is A Landing Page On A Website?

A landing page on a website is that which provides you the complete information about the products and services which the company wants to sell. This type of landing page may consist of information about the product, why the user needs to buy it, the payment options, testimonials, and FAQ based on the goods and services.

Q4. What Is A Landing Page Used For?

A landing page is basically used for providing information to the users and on the basis of that information, influences the users to perform an action.
The landing page is also used to encourage people to sign up, leave some information about themselves and use the free trial given by the business. The information which the user leaves can be used to send email advertisements to the user in the future.

Q5. How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress?

To create a landing page in WordPress, you can follow the following steps.

  • The first step to creating a landing page is to select a theme. You can select the theme under the design head in my site option.
  • Remove unnecessary content.
  • Set a static home page.
  • Customize your page.
  • Now you are ready to go.

Q6. Which Is A Best Practice For Optimizing A Landing Page For Adwords?

One of the best practices to optimize a landing page for Adwords is to enhance your SEO techniques. SEO plays a very vital role in displaying your ads.

Q7. What Is The Main Purpose Of A Landing Page?

The main purpose of a landing page is to generate leads for specific goods and services. A landing page helps you to build a strong customer base.

Q8. How do you start a landing page for beginners?

To start a landing page for beginners, you can follow these steps:

  • The first step is to select the landing page template.
  • Create a name for your landing page.
  • Add content to the page.
  • Choose an image to describe your landing page
  • Select a domain name.
  • Check the links are working properly.
  • Create meta description and meta title.
  • Now you can publish your landing page.
Q9. How can I host a landing page for free?

You can use a free hosting account to host your landing page for free.

Q10. How do I create a landing page in WordPress without plugins?

To create a landing page in WordPress without plugins, you can simply click the script tab and copy the code to your website manually.

Q11. What is a dynamic landing page?

A dynamic landing page is one that presents different messages to different users that depends on the geographical region of the user or a keyword. The dynamic landing page can be optimized based on the type of customer.

Q12. Are landing pages static or dynamic?

A landing page can be static as well as dynamic. A static landing page presents the same message or information to multiple users without taking into consideration their individual preferences. Whereas dynamic landing page displays different information or messages to different users depending on their geographic regions.

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